Panel Discussion: Mobile And Social Media In Southeast Asia

Heather Horst was one of six leading figures in digital technology research, and together with Sun Sun Lim, Rich Ling, Cheryll Ruth Soriano, Ain Sinpeng, and Gerard Goggin, debated the key issues in the digital age in Southeast Asia. This event was co-presented by the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC) and the Department of Media and Communication, University of Sydney on 12 November 2015.

Digital technology is at the heart of social, cultural, economic, and political transformation in our neighbouring countries in the Southeast Asia region, and elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific. Used by all levels of society, mobile phones and mobile media can be found everywhere from agriculture and health, through commerce and activism, to family, friendship and romantic relationships. For its part, social media - increasingly used by mobile platforms -is a new force in everyday life, politics, education, civil society, and culture.